A Fee-only Registered Investment Advisor

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor based on Naples Island in Long Beach, California. With clients nationwide, we provide prudent independent investment management and consulting services. We focus on managing the wealth of private individuals and institutional investors to create value over the long-term.

Our Story

Kurt Stabel
Founder & President

Andorra Investment Management is an independent and privately held Registered Investment Advisor headquartered in California. The firm was founded with one overarching goal in mind, provide unbiased, conflict free, independent financial advice and investment management services to our clients. Andorra was founded by Kurt Stabel.

This goal drives us to seek out solutions for our clients that serve their best interests. Our background in financial markets makes us careful stewards of capital and wary of following the flavor of the month. We have a strong sense of personal responsibility and strive to create long-term value for our clients.

More that just a name, Andorra is a small country in Europe that has a long history of independence in Continental Europe. In the past, the country's reputation as a tax haven with strong banking secrecy laws have made it a destination for international wealth. While other countries such as Switzerland and Liechtenstein have garnered more tax scrutiny in recent years, Andorra continues to enjoy a reputation as a low profile offshore financial center.

Why Us?

  • Independent

    Independent Registered Investment Advisors are professional firms that provide personalized financial guidance and direction to their clients, many of whom have complex financial needs. Because we are independent, we are not tied to any firm, particular families of mutual funds or investment products. As fiduciaries, we are held to the highest standard of care, and are required to act in the best interests of our clients at all times. We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Fiduciary

    A fiduciary is a professional entrusted to manage assets or wealth while putting the client’s best interests first at all times. Financial advisors who follow a fiduciary standard must disclose any conflict, or potential conflict, to their clients prior to and throughout the advisory engagement. Fiduciaries adopt a code of ethics and fully disclose how they are compensated.
  • Comprehensive

    We work with clients to create integrated, efficient and personalized financial strategies and solutions. Clients with complex needs trust us to carefully examine and streamline their financial lives by ensuring that all the moving parts fit together and are working efficiently and harmoniously. In helping clients grow, preserve and transfer wealth, we tend to the details without ever losing sight of the big picture. Our consultative approach creates blueprints that our clients can use to rally all their professional advisors to pursue comprehensive, agreed-upon goals.
  • Client-First Philosophy

    Our firm was built for and around our clients. We believe an open and transparent, client-centered relationship is the key to long-term success. Our thorough wealth planning process is driven by listening first, formulating a strategy, and following through with advice and world-class service.

Our Clients

We work with a wide variety of individuals and families, trusts, foundations, small companies and retirement plans. Many business owners and small companies underutilize SEP IRAs and Defined Benefit Plans. Defined Benefit Plans can be powerful tools for professionals to save on current taxes and build substantial retirement dollars. Business owners and self-employed individuals often under save and put off planning for retirement. There are many tax-advantaged tools that we can help you employ to defer taxes. Whether you are planning for retirement or already retired, we can help.

We also have a special understanding of the financial needs of fire fighters and police officers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties: Andorra Investment Management is fully versed in the specialized areas of deferred compensation, Deferred Retirement Option Plans (DROP), as well as the overall planning for and managing of Police and Fire Department pensions.

Our Goal

To effectively protect and grow client assets, while simultaneously reducing risk through strategic asset allocation and a disciplined investment process—always highly tailored to each client’s personal preferences and objectives.

Our primary objectives are to help protect you from potential investment risks and to preserve the wealth that you have accumulated. Equally important, our second objective is to help you grow your assets through strategic asset allocation with an emphasis on income enhancement.

Free Financial Review

We offer a complimentary review meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.

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