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Who We Are

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor based in Tennessee.  With clients nationwide, we provide independent  investment management and consulting services.  We focus on managing  the assets of private individuals and their family investments, helping to create long-term value.

Clients and Specialties

We work with a wide variety of individuals and families, trusts, foundations, small companies and retirement plans.  Many business owners and small companies under-utilize SEP IRAs and Solo Defined Benefit Pension Plans.  Defined Benefit Plans can be powerful tools for professionals to save on current taxes by contributing current earnings into a pension plan and build substantial retirement dollars.  Business owners and self-employed individuals often under-save and defer planning for retirement.

We also have a special understanding of the financial needs of fire fighters and police officers.  Andorra Investment Management founder has served as an elected commissioner on one of the nations largest defined benefit plans in the country.  We are fully versed in the specialized areas of deferred compensation, Deferred Retirement Option Plans (DROP), defined benefit pensions as well as the overall planning for and managing of retirement assets of Police and Fire Department employees.

Integrity and Standards of Care

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are bound by professional standards of conduct and confidentiality that are more stringent than those required by law.  The term "fiduciary duty" is something that we take seriously and goes with our "client first" motto.

Our dedication to personal and professional integrity is why we operate as a “fee only” financial advisor, with complete fee structure transparency.  This enables us to not suffer from potential conflicts of interest that plague many financial firms.  We regard our clients as partners and always put their interest first.

Our Goals & Objectives

Our overall goal is to prudently protect and grow client assets, while simultaneously reducing risk through strategic asset allocation and a disciplined investment process that is always tailored to each client’s personal preferences and objectives.

Our primary objectives are to help protect you from potential investment risks and to preserve the wealth that you have accumulated.  We do this by carefully managing your investments and providing unbiased advice on how what investment structures are best suited for you or your company.  Equally important, our second objective is to help you grow your assets through strategic asset allocation which should, over time serve to reduce volatility in your portfolio.

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Financial Review

We are always available for an initial meeting to review your objectives and to see if our services are right for you.

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